End of Session Dart Tournament

Open to the public and all current Cap City Dart League players.


LEAGUE MEMBERS: $5 for current members (current members have paid their $10 annual membership dues)
NON MEMBERS: $15 ($10 goes to annual membership dues)

NOTE: Team payouts will be given at the tournament, so we encourage you to attend.


  • Sign up is from 4 – 4:30pm.
  • Play starts around 5pm.
  • Two-person teams.
    • Teams are formed by the Tournament Coordinator the day of. The highest and lowest handicap players form a team and so on.
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Each team match is one game of 501 and one game of Cricket. If you are tied, you play a third game which is Cricket.
  • PLAY – A coin toss determines which team goes first
    • 501 – Team that won the coin toss goes first
    • Cricket – Team that lost the first game goes first
    • Cricket (if needed) – Team that won the coin toss goes first
  • Teams are responsible to bring their own quarters for game play ($1 per match)


DATE League Session
09/22 MONDAY 19Summer