Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 06/30/2021
Bad Ass Bullfrogs MLB Bullfrogs
JAC Meoff Tonys Team Oscars
The Penatraitors Balls And Dolls Oscars
2 07/07/2021
MLB The Penatraitors Oscars
Bad Ass Bullfrogs Tonys Team Bullfrogs
Balls And Dolls JAC Meoff Vikings Grille
3 07/14/2021
The Penatraitors Bad Ass Bullfrogs Oscars
MLB JAC Meoff Oscars
Tonys Team Balls And Dolls Vikings Grille
4 07/21/2021
JAC Meoff The Penatraitors Oscars
Bad Ass Bullfrogs Balls And Dolls Bullfrogs
Tonys Team MLB Vikings Grille
5 07/28/2021
The Penatraitors Tonys Team Oscars
Balls And Dolls MLB Vikings Grille
JAC Meoff Bad Ass Bullfrogs Oscars
6 08/04/2021
Tonys Team The Penatraitors Vikings Grille
MLB Balls And Dolls Oscars
Bad Ass Bullfrogs JAC Meoff Bullfrogs
7 08/11/2021
The Penatraitors JAC Meoff Oscars
Balls And Dolls Bad Ass Bullfrogs Vikings Grille
MLB Tonys Team Oscars
8 08/18/2021
Bad Ass Bullfrogs The Penatraitors Bullfrogs
JAC Meoff MLB Oscars
Balls And Dolls Tonys Team Vikings Grille
9 08/25/2021
The Penatraitors MLB Oscars
Tonys Team Bad Ass Bullfrogs Vikings Grille
JAC Meoff Balls And Dolls Oscars
10 09/01/2021
MLB Bad Ass Bullfrogs Oscars
Tonys Team JAC Meoff Vikings Grille
Balls And Dolls The Penatraitors Vikings Grille


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